Diehard X-Files fans are still recovering from last May's shocking season finale, which found Mulder and Scully sealing their eight-year-long (frustratingly platonic) partnership with a humdinger of a kiss. Further setting X-Philes' hearts aflutter was the strong inference that the baby boy Scully (Gillian Anderson) had just delivered was fathered by David Duchovny's UFO chasin' alter ego. But now, on the eve of the show's two-part ninth-season premiere (Part 1 airs Sunday at 9 pm/ET on Fox), reality has begun to set in: Mulder's gone (Duchovny's off making movies), leaving Scully nursing a broken heart — not to mention one downright spooky tot. And if that wasn't bad enough, the single mom also has to contend with the warrior princess herself — Xena's Lucy Lawless!

To help make sense of Scully's drastically altered life — as well as last season's confounding finale — TV Guide Online sat down with executive producer Frank Spotnitz for an exclusive chat about all things paranormal.