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Wynonna Earp Finale: All Those Crazy, Weird Twists, Explained

Showrunner Emily Andras answers our burning questions

Sadie Gennis

I love Wynonna Earp. I really do. It has guns, demons, Mambo No. 5 jokes, hot guys with mustaches and an ensemble of complex women with great hair, great wit and great aim. But I have to admit, Friday's two-part Season 3 finale was so jam-packed with twists and reveals that it was a little hard to parse through it all.

Let me try to sum it all up: Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) teamed up with the Revenants to take down Bulshar (Jean Marchard), but then Bulshar broke the Earp Curse and the demons disappeared, basically blowing up the entire premise of the show. Wynonna and Bulshar faced off at the stairs to the Garden of Eden and Wynnona was able to defeat the Snake with the aid of a flaming sword she was granted after angel baby Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) named her the new guardian of the gate. But Wynonna's victory was short-lived because nefarious, creeping vines coming from inside the Garden snaked their way over to Waverly and dragged her in.

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As the guardian of the Garden (the Gardian?), Wynonna wasn't allowed to follow Waverly in, but Vampire Doc (Tim Rozon) somehow managed to side-step the "only mortals allowed" rule and went to save Waves. When Wynonna returned to Purgatory, she discovered everyone except Nedley (Greg Lawson) had gone missing and the name Valdez scratched into a wall of the homestead.

So, uh, what?

Physically incapable of surviving the hiatus until Season 4 premieres to get some answers, I went straight to the source, showrunner Emily Andras, to figure out exactly what happened and what this means for the beloved Syfy show moving forward. Let's go through all the biggest burning questions -- and Andras' answers -- below.

​Melanie Scrofano, Wynonna Earp
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy

1. So the curse is broken. Where does the show go from here?
Although the Earp Curse was what brought Wynonna back to Purgatory, Andras always knew that the series was building toward exploring this larger Biblical mythology.

"Ever since the end of Season 1, Juan Carlo has hinted that the Ghost River Triangle is special not only because it's a prison that keeps demons within its bounds but also that it's a sanctuary, that there's something within the triangle worth protecting," Andras explained. "And I'm really interested, everz since the show got started, in the idea of yin and yang, good and evil. The idea of this universe having everything in balance, demons and angels and Heaven and Hell."

However, with the curse broken and the introduction of "Eden," that doesn't necessarily mean that Wynonna Earp is going to become a drastically different series where everything is about these Big Issues. "I don't want to lose the personal things about the show that make it work," Andras assured. "I like it when the villains are just demons or they are from the old west, are old enemies of the Earps. I think there's a confidence now to the show and an eagerness on behalf of the fandom that we can do both villains, both biblical and just straight up assholes. So yeah, it really opens up a lot of territory for us but it's still going to be about two sisters and their dysfunctional crew of idiots fighting back."

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2. Where did everyone go? And who the hell is Valdez?
Andras was hesitant to give too much away about why the gang disappeared and only Nedley was left behind, but she did tease that "things may not be exactly as they appear" on that front.

On the subject of Valdez, however -- who is the only clue we have as to what may have befallen our favorite Purgatory residents -- she was able to spill some deets. Fans of the Wynonna Earp comics will already be familiar with the character, who is a thousand-year-old Mayan warrior princess-turned-Black Badge agent in the source material. But of course, the Syfy series has never directly followed the comics, and their interpretation of Valdez will be a little different.

"All I would say is that Valdez has big implications next year and will shake things up in a way that will be pretty interesting for the gang," teased Andras.

Melanie Scrofano and Sebastian Pigott, Wynonna Earp
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy

3. Wait, Wynonna really f***ed Waverly's dad?
"We've all been there. We've all slept with our mom's boyfriend who turned out to be our sister's dad and is also an angel. C'mon. That was college," Andras joked.

The reveal that Wynonna's ex-flame Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) turned out to be Waverly's dad and the love of her mother's life definitely proved once again that the universe has a dark sense of humor when it comes to Wynonna. But it also set Waverly on a dramatically different path as she now has to figure out what her life will be like as a half-angel without her father around to guide her given his death at Bulshar's hand. "What kind of powers does that grant her? What kind of abilities? What kind of destiny will she have? I think that's definitely something to explore with Waverly," Andras said of what's to come.

And while she couldn't confirm that Mama Earp (Megan Follows) would definitely return next season, it seems highly likely in the wake of the multiple Julian twists this finale packed in. "It would be a huge wasted opportunity if we didn't see Mama again and if she didn't get to confront Wynonna about what happened with Charlie/Julian," Andras said. "That's just a whole messy Shakespearean tragedy with a feminist spin and a lot of whiskey. And I think that sounds like a delicious episode to explore."

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4. What the hell dragged Waverly into the Garden?
The Garden of Eden definitely didn't appear to be the idyllic Utopia it's been mythologized as -- an idea which Andras reaffirmed. "I would just say that there were a lot of presumptions made about the Garden from everybody involved," she said. "From the beginning, it seemed pretty unusual to think of the Garden of Eden as in the middle of the American West or what have you. So maybe people are mistaken about what this garden is. Maybe it's not paradise. Maybe it's not Eden. Maybe it's something else. Or maybe something has been festering in the Garden since the angel guardian went missing."

And as for the who or what which dragged Waverly away? "I think Waverly seemed to have an eye on whatever it was and she was terrified, so not great news," Andras said.

​Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Wynonna Earp
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy

5. How will Wynonna save her sister if she can't get into the Garden?
Although Wynonna's backup has now been reduced to Nedley, she isn't going to let a 'lil thing like that stop her from doing whatever she can to get her baby sister back. "I feel like you sense at the end of the finale that Wynonna has embraced her role as a hero more than ever. And she doesn't doubt her ability to do it even if she doesn't know how to do it yet," said Andras. "I think that's such a huge difference in Wynonna going into Season 4 versus the Wynonna we met who got off the bus in Season 1 and didn't even really believe in demons, wasn't sure she wasn't crazy. So I feel like there's going to be a lot of joy and fun actually watching her try to figure this out."

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6. I'm still confused. What was happening with Doc in these episodes?
In the first half of the finale, Doc was driven mad with hunger for more angel blood. But in the second half, he seemed back to the old Doc. The transformation occurred after an encounter with Waverly, but exactly what took place between them wasn't exactly clear in the episode.

"It's kind of interesting," Andras began. "We've certainly seen [Waverly] heal people. She healed Mercedes' face and she brought Charlie back from the dead. She seemed to think those powers had to do with Bulshar's ring, but does it have more to do with Waverly's angel abilities? She cried over Doc and her tears hit his face. Is that what kind of switched him? Did that bring him back fully to where he needed to be? Was he turned mortal? These are all questions we have to answer next year. But I would say Waverly definitely had a huge role to play in why Doc got back to the Doc we know and love."

​Tim Rozon, Wynonna Earp
Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy

7. Is that why Doc was able to enter the Garden?
Apparently so! Although it was stated that you have to be mortal or chosen somehow to enter the Garden, after Waverly was taken, Doc didn't hesitate and followed her in. "It doesn't seem as someone with a compromised soul or a vampire should be able to do that. And you know, he had a little smile for her. He was certain," Andras said.

"I think it's all going to go back to how Doc escaped the handcuffs and the ropes soaked in holy water in the barn," she added. "We don't know how he ended up at the stairs. Something has happened that may or not have already been filmed that we will have to visit next year to explain the sequence of events that kind of got Doc to where he's being. Is Doc still a vampire? Possibly. Is he purely good now? I just don't think that's the Doc we know and love. I think he always kind of plays in those shades of gray and that's why we love him."

Given all that, fans can also expect Doc to do some atoning for the terrible things he did this season. Going into the Garden will likely only be the beginning of this new phase of penance for the legendary gunman.

​Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Wynonna Earp

8. OMFG, Waverly proposed! Does this mean we're getting a WayHaught wedding in Season 4?
"Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7. Who's to say?" Andras said, playing it coy.

In all fairness, Wavery and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) do have a lot of obstacles to overcome before they can walk down the aisle. For one, Waves is trapped in the Garden of Eden. Also, we don't even know where Nicole is! But even when they were facing down the potential end of the world, Waverly and Nicole's bond couldn't be shaken, so we have nothing but faith that a wedding will come... eventually.

"I think it was so important of Waverly to realize even in the face of all this danger that the thing that's important to her was Nicole, that she loved her and that life is short and maybe you've got to grab it by the horns now, so to speak. Not to imply that we're giving [Nicole] horns, but it is that type of show," Andras said. "So yes, love that moment between them. I think it speaks, again, to the chemistry between those two performers, Dominique and Kat, and WayHaught. They're still fighting for each other and we're going to fight for them too."

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9. Hold up. Was Doc wearing a leopard print shirt in the finale? How have we not talked about this yet?
Yes. Yes, he was. And there was apparently a good reason for this fashion transformation too!

"It seemed natural that Doc had a sense of his own power and sexuality and sensuality and wanted to flaunt it a little bit," Andras explained. "He can glamour you now with a touch, so I think wearing things that felt as seductive as the aura he was projecting as vampire seemed like a good move. And of course, Tim Rozon is so gorgeous he could pull off a blue leopard skin muumuu, so you could put him in anything and it just works."

​Tim Rozon, Wynonna Earp

10. So, like, does Jeremy's penis have a psychic connection to Doc?
In an episode filled with big dramatic moments, you might have glossed over when Jeremy (Varun Saranga) grabbed his groin and could sense that Doc wasn't doing okay. This wasn't the first time Jeremy has done something like this, and there definitely seems to be more to him than has been revealed thus far.

"Ever since the end of Season 2, he's kind of had these pangs of empathy. They just seem to be located in a very unfortunate spot," Andras said. "But I think we've hinted that Jeremy was recruited to Black Badge not only because he was so smart, but because he's had some sort of psychic or supernatural encounter on his own. He's spoken about being in a car accident when he was 10 years old with his mother and then left alone in the car for three days with her body. And there seems to be something about that psychic trauma that has triggered something in Jeremy."

Although Andras said that there's "definitely room" to explore those powers next season, she noted that the thing that makes Jeremy such a rich character "is he is so human." That means that while there is clearly something supernatural going on in Jeremy's empathetic groin, that doesn't mean he'll wind up turning into a fire-breathing lizard man or anything like.

11. Is this really the end for Bobo Del Rey?
The Season 3 finale wasn't the first time Bobo (Michael Eklund) died, but it likely will be the last, according to Andras. "I think there was a sense in mercy there when [Waverly] did set Bobo free," she reflected. "He really started out as the baddest of the bad and almost an abuser. And then we saw where he came from and he had been this human who had been affected by the curse almost as much as the Earps, so there was a sense that Bobo had given up his free will and had been nothing but a tool of anger and violence. So yeah, I thought it was really important that his angel, so to speak, was the one to set him free.

"I would argue that if we see Bobo again, it would be in a different form. But I think the Bobo Del Rey we know and love is officially gone."

RIP Bobo. You were the best of the worst.

Wynonna Earp Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix now. Season 4 is expected to debut on Syfy sometime next year.