Wynonna Earp returned for Season 3 last week with a jam-packed premiere that included vampires, our first real introduction to Wynonna's (Melanie Scrofano) mom and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) seemingly getting kidnapped. Oh, and also Wynonna and Doc (Tim Rozon) kissing!!!

After Wynonna smuggled Alice out of the Ghost River Triangle last season, Doc seemed pretty pissed with her. But just as creator Emily Andras promised, Wynonna and Doc can't stay away from each other for long. And can you blame them? These two have chemistry.

TV Guide caught up with the cast earlier this summer to discuss exactly that, with the cast and creator sharing their picks for Wynonna and Doc's best moments so far.

"Oh my god, I have so many," Andras told us. "I actually really just like the first time they meet. I feel like there's so much chemistry in the bar. They both know they're bad news and they're kind of circling each other."

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For Scrofano, the moment that sticks out in her mind was imbued with an extra little magic thanks to an unexpected scene partner. "The part where in the kitchen, he puts his hand on Wynonna's stomach but my actual, real-life baby kicked when he did that," Scrofano recalled. "It was a beautiful scene and in addition that happened... it was magic."

But the Wynonna and Doc moment that seemed to be on everyone's mind is also the one we'll never forget. "My favorite moment was just a little piece of paper that said three little words, 'I'm all in,' that Doc left with Waverly to give to Wynonna," Rozon said. "For me, that's it. If she wants him, he's there."

Once you're done swooning over that sentiment, you might want to sit down because if you thought that note was incredible, Scrofano and Rozon both revealed that there's an unforgettable Wynonna-Doc scene coming up later this season. But judging by Rozon's reaction to it, it might not exactly be the romantic reconciliation fans are hoping for.

"You know the Wynonna moments, they rip my guts out a little bit from time to time," Rozon teased. "It's definitely not a perfect love story."

Excuse us while we mull over exactly what Rozon might mean by that for the next 72 to infinity hours.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.