If you're wondering why your Twitter timeline is covered in wrestling GIFs of "The Man" Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston, there's a pretty good reason for that: They did the damn thing at this year's WrestleMania.

Sunday night saw The New Day's Kofi Kingston defeat Daniel Bryan, the guy who really loves the environment and is married to Brie Bella, to become the first African-born WWE Champion. As only the second black man to win the coveted title, this wasn't just a big deal, it was everything.

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Kingston spent 11 years waiting for his shot and it wouldn't have happened this year without the dedicated WWE fans. Their outport of support in the months leading up to this, crystallized into the rally cry #KofiMania, forced the WWE to change course and finally look at him as heavyweight championship material. The win was capped off by a teary-eyed Kingston being embraced by his New Day buddies in the ring. Even if you're not a wrestling fan, this feel-good story is something you can definitely get behind.

Kingston opened up about the begin on social media. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all," he wrote on Twitter. "Without your love & support, especially over the past couple months, none of this happens. You helped me achieve my childhood dream & I'm eternally grateful for each & every one of you."

The monumental night culminated in Becky Lynch taking home not one, but two championships in WrestleMania's first-ever women's main event. Defeating Charlotte and Ronda Rousey to become #Becky2Belts, the first women's double champion, it's a stand-out moment that didn't seem possible just a year ago. Once lost in the shuffle of SmackDown's crowded roster of elite women, she revamped her image as "The Man," an aggressive brawler reminiscent of the Attitude Era's Stone Cold Steve Austin. Her gamble to take on the masculine gimmick paid off, and she quickly went from forgettable to iconic. And now she has two titles to back that up.

"Unthinkable to think what was once unthinkable. Those 3 seconds last night were a lifetime in the making. Thank you to all of you who have been on this crazy whirlwind journey with me. We're only getting started," she said via Twitter.

With two emotional wins topping off a stellar night, fans took to Twitter to express their excitement over Kingston and Lynch's unforgettable WrestleMania moments.