Question: Wow. You totally blew your Emmy predictions. All you got was supporting actor (drama and comedy), lead actress (comedy) and reality show. 

Answer: I went out on a limb picking Amazing Race, so I think that should count double. Seriously, did anyone besides me predict that it would win for a fourth straight year? But your point is well taken. I let you guys down with my Emmy predix. But more importantly, I let myself down. As the nation's No. 1 most trusted Emmy expert according to a just-released poll I conducted in my head, I'm deeply, deeply ashamed. But on the flip side, I'm heartened by all the letters of encouragement I've received from you, my understanding and compassionate readers. You guys could easily have mocked and ridiculed me, but instead you offered nothing but love and support. If I've said it once, it was probably once too often I've said it a thousand times: You guys are one classy group.