Question: Words cannot express how happy I am that NBC renewed Friday Night Lights. Any scoop on Season 2?

Answer: I spoke to the entire cast on Monday (video forthcoming), and I'm happy to report that there doesn't seem to be a rotten egg (read: raging diva) in the group. If I had to pick a favorite though, I'd have to go with Scott Porter (aka Jason Street). And that's only partly because he marched right up to me on the red carpet and said, "I find out what's happening on our show from you!" Kinder words have never been spoken. Well, Scott, if you're reading this, here's a scoop for you: Mrs. Taylor (the flawless Connie Britton) will be on the verge of popping out a kid when Season 2 starts. And exec producer Sarah Aubrey told me that not even the writers know how old the players are. "Don't ask me this," she chuckled. "[Exec producer] Jason Katims never really established how old they are, so we'll just have to wait and see. Obviously, we're going to wring at least one more year of high school out of most of these kids. And just because they're going to graduate doesn't mean they're going to leave the show. But I think we'd also like to introduce some younger characters in the school." BTW, no one from the show seemed at all bummed about their new Friday time slot. They're a glass-half-full kind of people.