Question: Word is that a male cast member on Lost has asked to be written off the show. Any clues to who it is?

Answer: There was a rumor going around that Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) had asked to be let go because he was feeling homesick in Hawaii, but turns out that's only half true. Yes, he was missing his family and friends back in Los Angeles, but, no, he didn't ask to be let out of his contract. However, as you probably have figured out by his absence from the cast photo not to mention all but one scene this season we will be seeing less of Malcolm/Walt. According to sources, producers decided to reduce his appearances amid concern that the 13-year-old's growth spurt was compromising the show's timeline. But contrary to buzz, "limit" does not mean "pink-slip" or "recast." As executive producer Damon Lindelof recently told my colleague Shawna Malcom, "Malcolm is Walt." At least this season.