In the 2000 thriller Ginger Snaps, leading lady Katharine Isabelle's transformation from teenage misanthrope to toothsome she-wolf took nearly as long as Michael Jackson's metamorphosis into... well, whatever scary creature he is. So, before she agreed to howl once more in the sequel (due in March '04), she put her paw down. "I made [the producers] promise not to torture me like they did the first time," she tells TV Guide Online. "They were like, 'Okay, we'll only have, you know, maybe one contact lens and one fingernail, but nothing crazy.'"

The insanity, it turned out, was all saved for the Ginger Snaps 2 plot, in which Isabelle's ill-fated lycanthrope character, the titular Ginger, haunts her institutionalized younger sibling, Brigitte — herself a sure bet to lead a dog's life. "But I'm still dead," Isabelle says, chuckling. "It's really weird. I appear occasionally throughout the film, sort of like an apparition... like Brigitte's subconscious.

"I say things and creep her out, then disappear," she continues. "That's basically all I do."

At least in Ginger Snaps 3 — yes, even before the second installment has been unleashed, a third is in the works — the veteran of Bones and Freddy Vs. Jason is guaranteed a part that's... um, meatier. "It's a prequel," she explains. "It takes place in a fort in the woods in, I want to say, the 1800s." And this go-round, she's actually psyched up, not freaked out, about how she'll look. "They're making all our wardrobes from scratch — corsets and everything!" she reveals. "I hope they let me keep mine. They'd better!"