Life is getting back to normal on the set of the TNT drama Witchblade now that leading lady Yancy Butler has returned from alcohol rehab. "She's kicking ass," co-star Will Yun Lee reports to TV Guide Online. "She's so awesome. She looks great. It's great to have the family back."

Production on Witchblade — which kicks off its second season Sunday at 8 pm/ET — was temporarily halted last month due to Butler's troubles. "Life happens," says Lee, who plays Butler's resurrected partner on the show. Asked whether he had any inkling of his co-star's drinking problem, he remains coy: "I was [in] England when all this went down, so I didn't really see too much of it."

The 27-year-old hottie — chosen as one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People — was overseas shooting the latest Bond flick, Die Another Day. Natch, he can't give too much away plotwise, except to say, "[I'm] one of the villains... It's definitely a new twist to a James Bond villain."

What isn't such a new twist is Hollywood casting an Asian actor as yet another bad guy — a stereotype Lee confesses has grown tiresome. "You can only do so many villains and action guys," he sighs. "[But] I think things are opening up. Bruce Lee started it, and then you got Jackie [Chan], Jet [Li] and Chow Yun-Fat who absolutely have cracked open the door wider to make things a little easier for me."

As Witchblade's multi-layered hero Danny Woo, Lee is certainly doing his part to break down barriers. He regards his alter ego as a "three-dimensional character, one that has nothing to do with race." In fact, as the season progresses, viewers will begin to learn more about Danny's personal life. "There's some cool stuff coming up with my [TV] wife [played by Sharlene Tuen]," he teases. "Really cool, human stuff."