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Hulu's The Wine Show Brings Charming, Handsome British Men Drinking Wine to America

What took us so long?

Tim Surette

There are simple pleasures in life that all of us should enjoy. Like whisking away on a private jet to Italy's gorgeous countryside to taste expensive and rare wines from the most knowledgable vintners in the world with your incredibly charming and handsome best friend who has the most darling accent.

And for those of us who can't afford to do that, there's The Wine Show. The series, starring a bearded Matthew Rhys (The Americans) and Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey), is finally coming to America via Hulu on Saturday, August 13, Vulture reports. It was previously only available on the U.K.'s ITV.

In the show, Rhys and Goode -- real-life best friends -- get educated on wine while also causing viewers to swoon and faint with their natural charisma and chemistry (and those accents!). When the show was announced, a trailer left a mark on social media as many clamored to join their adventures from their computer screens, and finally, we here in America will be able to sip along with the Matthews.

Elsewhere in the show, other wine pros travel the world to experience international wine culture from experts, but come on, we all just want to see the Matthews laugh and drink so we can pretend they are our best friends, too. Now where's my Two Buck Chuck?