It has been said (to us, even) that Trading Spaces' Doug Wilson hates being branded a bad guy. "I told him one time that he was the villain of the show, and he was [horrified], like, 'Oh my God! Do you really think so?!'" hunky handyman Ty Pennington once told TV Guide Online. Yet the demanding designer will risk tarnishing his reputation once again as the host of America's Ugliest..., a new series of quarterly Learning Channel specials with an insult built right into the title.

"It's okay," the genial almost-40-year-old insists now. "I knew I was playing the villain. Throughout my life, I have worked not only in design but as an actor as well, so I knew what made good theater. I actually created some of those [tense] situations. I would see an opportunity and say, 'Okay, this could be some good TV!' After all, that's what this is about: entertainment. Design has always been secondary for me on Trading Spaces."

Besides, America's Ugliest... won't be outfitting the house beautician with devil horns and a pitchfork; rather, these as-yet-unscheduled programs (starting with America's Ugliest Bathrooms and America's Ugliest Kitchens) will paint him in an altruistic light. "The people whose rooms we'll be doing on this show want them to be completely overhauled," he notes cheerfully.

Can you relate? Well, if your bathroom wallpaper has taken on the color of shower mold or your kitchen floor looks more like something you'd regurgitate than something you'd eat off of, there is still time to submit the humblest portion of your home to be considered for a revamp. (There isn't much time, though, so visit fast for entry details.) "I don't think anything [I'll be seeing] could shock me," Wilson says, almost setting himself up to be proven wrong. "But you never know."

Lucky winners with god-awful domains will then have their secret shame turned into a showplace by the televisionary. "I have ideas and things that I would love to do — we could end up doing a two-floor bathroom or putting an addition onto a house to make it bigger," he reveals, his voice full of hope. "I don't know what we're going to do. It's really open to interpretation!" So, folks, get over your embarrassment and let Wilson skip to your loo: Next time you flush, it could be with greatness!