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Watch Will Ferrell As a Hilariously Inept Animal Expert on The Late Show

Warning: Cuteness overload ahead

Sadie Gennis

Will Ferrell appeared on Stephen Colbert's post-Super Bowl Late Show, but the actor had zero interest in discussing his upcoming movie Zoolander 2. Instead, Ferrell took the opportunity to pitch himself as Colbert's new animal expert.

"We've brought some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world. And I'm very excited to share them with you and your audience," Ferrell said, just before being handed an adorable kitten named Mulan.

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"I wouldn't 'ooh' and 'ahh' when you hear about what she is," Ferrell warned the fawning crowd. "She's a short-spined Peruvian mongoose. And she looks so calm and cuddly, but she can be very aggressive and it will charge. So please, no sudden movements."

"That really - and I could be wrong - that really looks like a kitty cat," Colbert interrupted.

"Stephen, who's wearing the vest?" Ferrell shot back.

Watch Ferrell introduce his other "exotic" animals below, including Kayak, a Mongolian bush tiger that looks suspiciously like a guinea pig, and a rare look at a duck-bodied platypus named Cilantro.