We're still all waiting impatiently for news of this fifth season of Arrested Development that's been rumored for so long, but no one seems to know if it will ever happen.

That doesn't mean that the cult comedy can't branch out and try something a little different, like say, a spin-off? Something — anything — to quench our thirsts!

Since we had Will Arnett's attention at a Netflix press event to promote the upcoming season of his show Flaked, TVGuide.com asked Arnett what he thinks of a spin-off focused on his character, Gob Bluth.

"No, because people would love it too much," Arnett said.

Joking aside, Arnett went as far as he could in the other direction, and didn't have many kind words for his character.

Arrested Development Season 5: "We're working on it."

"Gob is too dumb, that show would be boring," he said, breaking our Gob-loving hearts. "He's just too dumb to be doing anything, he'd just be stuck in a box all day."

I don't know, that show still sounds pretty good to me.

Flaked Season 2 premieres on Netflix on June 2.

Additional reporting by Liz Raftery.