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Arrested Development Season 5? "We're Working On It"

*narrator voice* they weren't

Alexander Zalben

Five seasons... And a movie?

Okay, fine, that might be (close to) the tagline of another much loved and ratings challenged show (that would be Community), but fans of Fox's late, great Arrested Development have been clamoring for news about the Bluth clan since the show's 2013 reboot on Netflix.

From the outside perspective, production has been moving slower than GOB's segway. Show creator Mitch Hurwitz has been discussing a movie version since the show originally ended in 2006, and teased a potential theatrical release again when the show returned in 2013. Earlier this year, producer Brian Grazer confirmed a fifth season, stating talks were happening with the cast and expected deals to be made in a couple of weeks.

To crib a bit from fellow producer Ron Howard's narrator on the show: they weren't.

So when TV Guide caught up with Howard on the Tribeca Film Festival carpet for Nat Geo's Genius (which he's also producing), we had to ask about the status of more AD.

"We're very eager to do more," Howard said. "Mitch has great ideas as to what the episodes would be, and we really hope we get to do it."

One of the biggest obstacles to continuing the saga of the Bluth family has always been the stars' schedules: whether they've transitioned to movies (Jason Bateman, Michael Cera) or moved on to other successful TV shows (Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett); most of the cast have since become huge celebrities.

It's so difficult to get the cast together, in fact, that scenes in the 2013 revival were often filmed without the actors in the same place, at the same time.

"It's really tough to get everybody, everybody's schedules together," Howard noted. "But we're working on it."

In the meantime, the internet will continue to keep the flame of Arrested Development alive. Particularly in these politically turbulent times, the saga of a rich family whose patriarch "may have committed some light treason," has led to multiple comparisons between the Bluths and certain people currently in power.

Not only that, but Howard's narrator has provided a frequent counterpoint on social networks like Twitter, with politicians tweeting one thing, followed by their tweet quoted with the construction, "*narrator voice* he didn't." To explain the joke -- always the funniest thing you can do -- the tweeters are riffing off the frequent contradiction between what the unreliable Bluth family would say, and how Howard's reliable narrator would point out the truth of the matter.

"I've seen one or two, and I'm actually very flattered," Howard said, amused. "I suppose if I [saw] enough of them, I wouldn't be flattered."

*narrator voice* he would be.

Genius premieres on Nat Geo on April 25 at 9/8c.

Additional reporting by Shaunna Murphy.