Question: Who's the veteran female actress that was thisclose to signing with Lost that you teased about in Monday's Entertainment News?

Answer: Well, before Cynthia Watros nabbed the plum gig, producers approached Jennifer Jason Leigh to play Libby, the mysterious character who may or may not have been seated across from Michelle Rodriguez in the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed last fall. I'm not sure why the Leigh deal fell apart, but I'm really glad it did. Not only is Watros one of my favorite actresses/people in the biz, but she was the very first person I interviewed as a TV journalist  back in 1997 when she was on Guiding Light and I was getting my start at Soaps In Depth. And just to prove how cool and normal she is, after wrapping up our phone interview I was mortified to discover that my microcassette recorder had failed to tape our conversation. Talk about making a ghastly first impression at your new job. But Watros could not have been nicer or more understanding about the snafu. In fact, she ended up giving better quote the second time around. Long story short: Good work, Damon Lindelof!