As those who read last year's backstage blog may recall, every year there are one (or two) "troublemakers," those reporters who hog precious time and, quite frankly, affront many a serious thesp with the same ol' roundup question along the lines of "Who are you wearing?" Looking around the press room now, I can't nail down exactly who that pesky one will be, though I have a suspect or two. It will become painfully clear, though, once that first bedazzled actress enters the room to talk about the milestone in her acting career, only to have to lower the level of discourse to D&G vs. Lhuillier, platinum vs. Swarovski etc.

The food options are... interesting. Each "dinner box" is deemed organic, and last I checked it was down to braised short ribs or veggie lasagna. I spent almost disturbing quality time at the brunch buffet this morn, so I may be good to go, save for the annual press-room cookie. Oh, and the nonstop Red Bull.

Breaking universe-exclusive* scoop: The first Emmy to be handed out tonight is for... supporting actor in a comedy!

T minus 23 minutes...

* Exclusive to me and the other 199 people in here.