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Who Said It: American Horror Story or Jaden Smith?

The "most craziest" show meets the "most craziest" person

Liam Mathews

American Horror Story is a crazy show. Did you see the Roanoke finale? It was one of the most head-spinning episodes of television we've ever seen. Every season of AHS has a different theme, but they all have campy, over-the-top dialogue in common.

But American Horror Story's over-the-top dialogue has nothing on Jaden Smith's Twitter feed. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son is a sort of modern-day philosopher, if philosophers Capitalized Every Word In A Sentence. He once said that a goal of his is to be "the most craziest person of all time." He's a peculiar fellow.

TVGuide.com went out to New York's Madison Square Park to see if people could tell one set of absurd lines from another set of absurd lines. Spoiler alert: they couldn't!

It makes us wonder if the upcoming Season 7 of AHS shouldn't be about a kid whose eyes aren't real -- played by The Get Down's Jaden Smith, of course.