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American Horror Story Is Already Teasing Season 7

Ahoy! Did FX just drop a hint about the next season of Ryan Murphy's anthology?

Tim Surette

Yeah, we know you're still shaking from the insane multi-media season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke, but it's time to move ahead with the important questions. Like, what will the super-secret Season 7 of American Horror Story be about?

If we take the first hint sent out by FX at face value, we're heading out to sea!

Not too long after Roanoke ended, the American Horror Story twitter feed posted the following:

Well that tells us... not much. But it has to mean something, right? It's clearly a body of water, and no body of water is scarier than the untamed ocean. American Horror Story: Pretty Big Puddle just doesn't have the right ring to it. It has to be the ocean, because sharks (I'm terrified of sharks).

And if you'll remember, as Pop Sugar pointed out, there was a moment in the finale where a model ship crashed to the floor and the camera gave it a hard look. Was that foreshadowing? I wouldn't put it past Ryan Murphy to drop a hint like that since he's known what Season 7 would be about for some time now. So we're calling it: Season 7 will be about a shipwreck, and all the chaos and horror that ensue.

Of course, Murphy has been known to F with us and drop teases that meant nothing, so who knows?

What do you think?