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3 Totally Believable Fan Theories About the New Green Arrow's Identity

It's definitely a girl, right?

Lindsay MacDonald

Oliver (Stephen Amell) may have been toiling away in jail for the first leg of Arrow Season 7, but that doesn't mean his city has been left unprotected. A new vigilante not affiliated with the other members of Team Arrow has been running around Star City this season, and he or she has even stolen Oliver's signature Green Arrow look. People have actually started calling this vigilante the New Green Arrow, aka NGA, since their M.O.s are basically the same too.

But who the heck is under that green hood this season? It's a mystery none of the previous Team Arrow members have been too eager to figure out, unless you count Dinah (Juliana Harkavay), but here at TV Guide, we're dying to finally get that big reveal. While we toil away, wondering when the mystery will be solved, here are our top three theories about who this new archer could be...

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1. Roy Harper (Colton Haynes)

​Colton Haynes, Arrow

Colton Haynes, Arrow

Roy Harper is the most popular theory about who's under the NGA's mask, which also unfortunately makes him the least likely. We've seen him in the flash-forwards this season, but Roy has been suspiciously absent from the present timeline. It makes sense that he'd take up the Green Arrow mantle if he got wind of Oliver's prison situation, but why wouldn't he clue the rest of the team in on what he's been up to? More importantly, Arrow never likes to be predictable, so we're hesitant to believe Roy's under that hood.

2. Maya (Katherine McNamara)

​Katherine McNamara, Shadowhunters

Katherine McNamara, Shadowhunters

We know Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara is set to appear on Arrow this year, but we still haven't seen her yet... or have we? We noted that the NGA's handwriting in his or her very own ledger was distinctly feminine rather than the chicken scratch that was in Oliver's, making us wonder if this new vigilante could actually be a woman. If so, Maya could be a good candidate, even if her original character description called her a street fighter and a thief. As far as we're concerned, the NGA steals stuff all the time!

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3. Emiko Queen



This theory draws on comic book canon that may or may not ever be incorporated into the show, so take it with a grain of salt. Emiko was Oliver's half-sister in the comics, thanks to an affair Robert Queen had with none other than Shado (Celina Jade) -- trippy right? She was also an archer, making her a suitable candidate for the NGA, and we can't ignore that Arrow Season 7 spent a good deal of time dealing with Oliver's issues with his father and the mission he bestowed on him. Unfortunately, there's been no indication in the show thus far that Emiko even exists in this universe, so this theory is a bit out there.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Grant Gustin, The Flash

Grant Gustin, The Flash

Jack Rowand, Jack Rowand/The CW