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Whitney Houston's will has been released, and the late singer didn't spread the wealth.

The document released on Wednesday in Atlanta, Ga. names Houston's only daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown as the sole recipient of all the assets, including money, automobiles, jewelry, furniture, clothing and personal effects, Inside Edition reports.

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This means that ex Bobby Brown, while mentioned in the will,  gets nothing.

Bobbi Kristina is only 19, so the money will be placed in a trust until she turns 21. Four years later she will receive more money, and at age 30 she'll get the remainder.

Mother Cissy Houston will be the executor. The will was drafted in 1993 and amended in 2000 and stipulates that if Bobbi Kristina died before Whitney did, then Bobby Brown, Cissy and other relatives would share the assets.

The full 19-page document is available online at Inside Edition.