Valerie Taylor and Great White Shark Valerie Taylor and Great White Shark

Why bring a book to the beach when you can bring a fish to put into a great white shark's mouth, satisfying your craving for adrenalin and his craving for the next five seconds? You won't be able to resist petting his adorably texturized skin (as soothing as sandpaper) or staring into his black bead of an eye. Aw, what a nice puppy. Oops, sorry: great white shark. It's so easy to confuse domesticated species!

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Really, this video is nuts! It's from the documentary Shadow of the Shark, in which shark expert Valerie Taylor gets all kinds of close to great whites to prove they don't deserve their monstrous reputation. Hopefully, she's right — it looks like her life depends on it!

[via The Daily What]