Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay

For Tim DeKay's TV directorial debut on White Collar, he revisited a place he knows well: the baseball diamond. But not just any baseball diamond — the new Yankee Stadium. "I played ball in high school and college," DeKay says, "so to have shot in the Monument Park museum [at Yankee Stadium] was amazing."

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On Tuesday's episode, (10/9c, USA), the team heads to the new House That Ruth Built when Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) try to steal a baseball signed by Babe Ruth.

White Collar was the first production company to shoot in the new Yankee Stadium, but even the cast and crew didn't know they would be filming at the famous ballpark until just days before. "It was thrilling. We didn't know that we had that until the last second," DeKay says."We were looking at Yankee Stadium, the stadium for the Staten Island Yankees and also the stadium for the Brooklyn Cyclones. They're all lovely, but not Yankee Stadium. Neal & Co. would not necessarily steal from the Brooklyn Cyclones. If they're going to steal, they're going to steal from Yankee Stadium."

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DeKay's experience on the field, and love for the game, translated into a great experience for the rest of the White Collar team. "Baseball is so close to his heart, and we didn't know this was going to be the episode he directed," Bomer says.  "He just weathered every storm with such grace. It was really amazing to see and everything just came together so beautifully. It was just a really magical seven days of filming."

After a first-time experience like this, it sounds like this won't be DeKay's last time behind the camera. "That was my first TV that I directed, and Matt, Willie and the whole cast couldn't have been better," DeKay says. "I will direct one each season."

Get a look at Yankee Stadium in this sneak peek of Tuesday's White Collar: