Andrew Devine, Ryan Sainsott Andrew Devine, Ryan Sainsott

Vomit, blood and bruises, oh my! The fists will fly when Season 2 of Esquire Network's White Collar Brawlers premieres next month.

In the series, which returns Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 10/9c, co-workers train for weeks with some of the best amateur boxing coaches in the country so that they can settle their differences in the ring, rather than through human resources.

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The fights look even more intense and the rivalries even more passionate than last year in this exclusive sneak peek at Season 2. "Keep it simple going in," one trainer tells his trainee. "F--- somebody up."

But don't let us do all the talking. After all, when did that ever solve anything? Check out the exclusive Season 2 teaser below:

White Collar Brawlers returns Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 10/9c on Esquire.