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Whiskey Cavalier Is the Show Young Aunties Deserve

Name a better use of Scott Foley's overly expressive eyes, I'll wait.

Krutika Mallikarjuna

Let's be clear: Whiskey Cavalier is not one of the best shows of 2019. You probably saw one or two trailers for it, or watched the pilot but fell off because you got so much Shondaland to catch up on. If the goofy spy drama felt wholly predictable and like it didn't know what to do with the incredible star power of its leads Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, you would not be wrong! But despite that feeling -- or perhaps because of -- it deserves a second season. Currently in purgatory as ABC makes the final cuts for next season's schedule, Whiskey Cavalier, a show about an overly sensitive FBI agent teaming up with a cold-hearted CIA agent, is a secret well of delights solely because of Scott Foley's eyes and the fact that they focus on EVERY DAMN PERSON on that show.

Will Chase (Foley) is a unique agent, one with an incredibly high emotional intelligence that's constantly under question in such a ruthless profession. But where another lesser show would pull comedy from feminizing a traditionally masculine trope, Whiskey Cavalier uses the tension to ask why this level of kindness and consideration isn't inherent to all people, especially those in careers that tend to strip the humanity from them. The cherry on top is the fact this nuance is mainly achieved by the use of Foley's master of The Look (tm).

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As popularized on Twitter, Foley has an electric ability to gaze upon the subject of his affection in a way that not only incites his love interest, but also the audience. Fans of Felicity have KNOWN for decades, but Foley has captured the thirst of an entirely new generation with his lusty performances in Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and now Whiskey Cavalier.

The wildest part of Whiskey Cavalier, however, is that Foley's Looks (tm) aren't limited to his love interest. Frankie (Cohan) might be endgame -- which is a hand they played too early for it be a satisfying long game -- but Will Chase has unlimited affection and he makes sure everyone knows it. His new teammates who don't particularly want to bond with him find themselves doing so anyway. His marks -- especially the honeypots! -- find themselves wishing life was simple enough to take a man saying he enjoys their company at face value. Will's former best friend who had a looooooong ass affair with Will's ex pushed his way onto the team because he desperately craves Will's kindness more than an emotional affair. And WOW are those Looks (tm) heated because even when Will hates someone, he's still trying to remember why he loved them to begin with.

Scott Foley, Lauren Cohan; Whiskey Cavalier
ABC/Larry D. Horricks

Foley's Look (tm) is POWERFUL to say the least. And maybe he does spend most of his time on the show directing it at Cohan's Frankie, who looks a little too much like his sister to be effective in terms of romance. But the fact that he uses it pretty indiscriminately at whoever shares the scene with him is what makes the show peak young auntie bait. It's incredibly easy to imagine a world where you are in Scott Foley's presence and he's blessing you with a Look (tm). Maybe you're the mark of the week. Maybe you're a feisty operative with another agency. Most likely you're just a major Scott Foley fan, and you happen to stumble upon him at your local Trader Joe's in LA and you've just worked up the nerve to go over and tell him how much you admire his work. And in every single one of those fantasies -- particularly the last one -- Foley turns that luscious, tempting gaze on you with the attention and respect you deserve.

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In a world where everything is difficult and everything women experience has an undertone of harm, don't we deserve one nice thing? And why can't that nice thing be another entire season of Whiskey Cavalier where you know everything will work out just fine while friendships are built, enemies are vanquished, and laughs are had. And most importantly, while Scott Foley just Looks (tm) at you like he can't wait to hear what the next words out of your mouth are.

It might not ever happen in real life, but it's happening on Whiskey Cavalier right now. So let's keep this Big Gaze Energy going.

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.