Whisker Wars Whisker Wars

The competition is getting hairy on Whisker Wars.

When IFC's reality series about competitive bearding returns Friday, Nov. 23 at 10/9c on IFC, reigning champ Jack Passion will be back to brandish his beard, which he describes as "emblematic of the health and virility that a bearded man should show the world."

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With the amount of time, love and maintenance required to grow it, no wonder he's determined to defend his title. That's why he's not too pleased when unshorn underdog Myk O'Connor demonstrates a move that looks a lot like Jack's own signature "swipe." Watch as these follicular foes go head-to-head:

Did Jack cross the line? Did Myk steal that move? Wait, there are such things as beard moves?

Whisker Wars returns with big beards and even bigger egos on Friday, Nov. 23 at 10/9c on IFC.