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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Shark Week

There's something for everyone to snack on this year

Amanda Bell

It's Donald Trump's favorite time of year: Shark Week!

That's right, the year's toothiest television lineup is back, this time for its 30th anniversary of showcasing the sea's gnarliest predators, and fans can expect a whopping 19 hours of new programming that's sure to take a bite out of those summer beach-going plans.

To prepare for all the gnashing action to come, here's what you need to know about this year's Shark Week lineup, from how to watch to the list of celebrities you can expect to see wading into the waters of this year's events to the segments you simply won't want to miss.

WHERE and WHEN to watch: Shark Week kicks off on Discovery starting Sunday, July 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT with a look back at some of the best "Alien Sharks" before diving into an ocean of new original programming that'll air each and every night until next Sunday, July 29.

WHO is taking a swim: This year, there are tons of familiar faces braving the waters of Shark Week alongside the network's team of science experts, including the year's host Shaquille O'Neal, along with special guests like Shark Tankstars Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, and Daymond John, athletes Ronda Rousey, Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, and Lindsey Vonn, and reality TV hosts like Bear Grylls, Guy Fieri, and Ben Bailey.

O'Neal, for one, didn't quite know what he was getting himself into by signing up for Shark Week hosting duties, as he admitted in the announcement, "Full disclosure, I thought I was hosting Shaq Week. But that doesn't exist." Maybe next year?

WHAT meaty programming is ahead: The schedule for this year's Shark Week is packed with delicious treats, from Shaq's brave effort to dive in a shark cage (in which he, um, makes a new friend) to the Shark Tank team sinking some cash into a shark conservation project to a timely exploration of the history -- and perhaps eventual return -- of the legendary megalodon.

Here's a full look at Discovery's Shark Week schedule (all times ET/PT).

SUNDAY, July 22

7 p.m.: Alien Sharks Greatest Hits- Look back at some of the craziest creatures to have ever graced the small screen in Shark Weeks past to prepare for the depths ahead.

8 p.m.: Bear vs. Shark - Discovery's own Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls tests his survival skills again -- this time, putting just a scuba suit between himself and some of earth's hungriest apex predators.

9 p.m.: Shaq Does Shark Week - Shaq might've been able to defend the rim like nobody's business, but when it comes to staving off sharks, he's not so confidant. The basketball icon has a grave fear of sharks, but as they say, the only way to conquer one's fear is to dive right in ... even if it means getting some unexpected company in the cage. (Editor's Pick!)

10 p.m.: Ronda Rousey Uncaged- The UFC star trains alongside shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder to ditch the cage in a round of swimming with Mako sharks.

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark Live - Celebrity guests and shark experts gather to discuss the pool of programming that we've just watched.

MONDAY, July 23

8 p.m.: Monster Tag- Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn joins football pros Aaron Rogers and Rob Gronkowski on the field for a special challenge: working with scientists to figure out how to preserve shark populations.

9 p.m.: Great White Abyss- Watch the first manned expedition to Guadalupe Island's sea floor by Mauricio Hoyos, Jimi Partington and Brandon McMillan as they search for Deep Blue, a famed 20-foot-long great white. (Editor's Pick!)

10 p.m.: Cuba's Secret Shark Lair - Remember "El Monstruo," the massive great white found in 1945 off the coast of Havana? Well, experts are now looking for some other monster sharks -- a hammerhead called "The Queen" and another great white. (Editor's Pick!)

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark Live

TUESDAY, July 24

8 p.m.: Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy - Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives might be fun and all, but this Food Network star is in for a real treat when he takes his son Hunter to the Bahamas to sup on the local cuisine and learn about the underwater fauna that seems to be so tasty for big fish. (Editor's Pick!)

9 p.m.: Laws of Jaws - Divers Liz Parkinson, Mike Dornellas and Nick LeBeouf team up with Andy Casagrande to find out why there's been a wave of shark attacks in recent years.

10 p.m. Air Jaws: The Hunted - We all know that sharks eat living creatures, but did you know they can be eaten alive themselves? Last year, after a handful of great whites washed ashore without their insides, experts wondered what was happening. So, Alison Towner, Chris Fallows and Andy Casagrande are out to find out in this segment. (Editor's Pick!)

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark Live


8 p.m.: Air Jaws: Back from the Dead - Jeff Kurr and Chris Fallows return to New Zealand to find another locale where sharks jump out of the ocean to make a meal out of something (or someone). Jumping sharks is much more than a metaphor, people. (Editor's Pick!)

9 p.m.: Shark Tank Meets Shark Week- The human Sharks -- Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban -- battle alongside Robert Herjavec to give $50,000 to the best shark conservation innovator.

10 p.m.: Sharkcam Stakeout - Greg Skomal and the Woods Hole team head to the Bahamas with SharkCam to invetigate bull and hammerhead sharks alongside Doc Gruber and Dr. Tristan Gutteridge.

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark Live


8 p.m.: Sharkcam Strikes Back - Who doesn't love some epic SharkCam highlights? It's like America's Funniest Home Videos but with thrashing fin action instead of cute kids.

9 p.m.: Sharkwrecked - Paul de Gelder and James Glancy have somehow agreed to spend two days shipwrecked without food, water, and oh! There are sharks everywhere. Sounds like fun, right? (Editor's Pick!)

10 p.m.: Tiger Shark Invasion - Follow Neil Hammerschlag and Joe Romeiro to the Galapagos where they team up with local expert Alex Hearn to learn more about how tiger sharks have been doing over the past decade.

11 p.m.: Shark After Dark Live

FRIDAY, July 27

7 p.m.: Cash Cab "Shark Week Edition" - You might not think a bunch of land-lubbing cab-hailers would make it into the Shark Week action, but Ben Bailey finds a way to put some two-legged types' knowledge of the sea to the test. (Editor's Pick!)

8 p.m.: Megalodon: Fact vs. Fiction - If you're intrigued by that ominous poster for the movie Meg, well, this is the show for you. The largest shark that ever lived might still be out there somewhere, and if it were, here's a look at what it might be up to (hint: it wouldn't be pretty for people). (Editor's Pick!)

9 p.m.: Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws - If Steven Spielberg's Jaws gave you pause about dipping toe in the ocean, there was good reason; places like Long Island, New York have long served as great white shark nurseries, and Dr. Craig O'Connell thinks it's because the bloodline that once terrorized the are is still alive and well.

10 p.m.: Great White Shark Babies - Experts Mauricio Hoyos, Michelle Jewell and Toby Daly-Engel are in search of shark pups off the coast of Baja. We'll have to wait and see how cute baby sharks are (no relation to that ultra-addictive kid's song, of course). (Editor's Pick!)


9 p.m.: Return of the Mega Shark - Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande hit New Zealand to look for megasharks because the world isn't afraid of the water enough already, apparently.

10 p.m.: Sharks Gone Wild - Move over, Joe Francis. This video series explores the craziest shark moments of the year, from viral videos to jaw-dropping discoveries in shark science, and more.

SUNDAY, July 29/strong>

9 p.m.: Naked and Afraid of Sharks - It's Naked and Afraid meet sharks. Prepare your eyes accordingly. (Editor's Pick!)