A Wheel of Fortune contestant lost his chance at $7,100 on Monday in a so-funny-it's-kind-of-sad pronunciation fail.

The contestant, Jonny, was riding high when he solved the puzzle, with the board reading: "Flamenco Dance Lessons." However, when it came time to reveal his answer to host Pat Sajak, Jonny mispronounced "flamenco" and instead said "flamingo," which is not a style of dance and is, in fact, a bright pink bird known for its strange habit of standing on one leg.

When Sajak buzzed him for the wrong answer, Jonny was stunned, unable to comprehend what could have gone wrong. He had it, people! Why didn't they see that? The opportunity to then snag the win was passed to his opponent, Ashley, who correctly pronounced "flamenco" and is now probably sipping mai tais on a beach somewhere thanks to that cool seven grand.

While it is kind of heartbreaking to watch Jonny go from so sure of his victory to absolutely despondent over his bamboozlement over the course of the video, it is also absolutely hysterical. Sorry about your loss, Jonny. This is why you shouldn't count your flamingos before they hatch.