Gary Cole by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Gary Cole by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

NBC's Chuck - which apparently is in an off-the-books contest with 30 Rock to see who can guest-cast the most and biggest - has added another arrow to its quiver. Gary "Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come into work on... Saturday" Cole will be swinging by the espio-medy in the role of secret agent Sarah's father for a single November sweeps episode, a show rep confirms. The news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Cole most recently appeared on primetime as Desperate Housewife Dana Delany's abusive ex.

Other "names" checked by Chuck this coming season include Nicole Richie, Michael Clarke "I was going for intimidating" Duncan, Bruce Boxleitner and Morgan Fairchild (as Capt. Awesome's parents), John Larroquette and Tony Hale. - Matt Mitovich

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