Question: What's the third-season scoop on Veronica Mars you teased us about last week?

Answer: Oh, right, I almost didn't forget. Well, exec producer Rob Thomas told a bunch of us journalists at press tour that, should Mars see a Season 3, he's considering three possible settings for college-bound Veronica. "There's part of me that says, 'Veronica's a smart girl send her to Stanford.' [If we did that], we could still shoot on our current set and [just] fake Southern California for Northern California. [But then] part of me thinks that maybe some kick-ass university moved into Neptune that we never visited. Or maybe she could have that cool, 'I'm gonna take that year off after I graduate just to hang out.'" Rob seems to be leaning toward one of the two college scenarios, mostly because "Veronica Mars, by its nature, needs new people. You can't just keep playing the same murder mystery with the same people."