Question: What's the latest on Cynthia Watros returning to Lost to finish out her backstory?

Answer: I asked Lindelof-Cuse that very question when I spoke to them for AA's 100th. Here's what Carlton had to say: "We would love to tell the rest of [Libby's] story, its [just] a question of whether we get to it. Were now working on the early episodes for the second pod, and we want to get back to some of the characters we havent seen, and spend a little more time with them. We'd like to get to Cynthia's story, but I think we're going to try to tell the stories of our regular characters before we do that." Adds Damon: "Obviously, we have a couple more beats of Libbys story to tell to fill in the missing pieces, and the way we would tell that story is in the flashbacks of another character. But that character cant be a character that we already know and love, otherwise they would recognize Libby. We know who those characters are and what those story beats are, but it might be a while before we get to their flashbacks."