Do you feel that in the air? The hint of spring is around the corner and people are slowly shaking off hibernation mode. But if you're still feeling too lazy to rejoin the land of living — aka people with enough determination to make weekend plans and keep them — then boy do we have some shows worth extending your winter for. Snuggle up this weekend with an inspirational docuseries about professional athletes who did not go out on top, Losers; Season 3 of best multi-cam sitcom of our time, One Day at a Time; and the return of the deliciously bittersweet Better Things.

These recommendations courtesy of TV Guide are here to help you through your weekend binge. And if you're looking for even more suggestions, head over to TV Guide's Watch This Now! page, which has hand-picked recommendations for all the best shows you can start watching immediately.

1. Losers

Netflix stunts on the docuseries genre. From Chef's Table to Fyre, the streamer is a siren call for anyone who is interested in stories where truth is always stranger than fiction. The latest entry into the fold is Losers, a bingeable six-episode series that follows athletes who almost had it all. Whether they fell from grace due to dramatic injuries or simply the inability to pull out of a slump, every single one of these people have had to ask themselves the same question: Who am I outside of my jersey number? The answers are fascinating, funny, and on the whole sweeter than any of us could have expected.

2. One Day at a Time

I can't believe I even have to recommend this show; One Day at a Time should be the most popular and lauded show on television. A reboot of the Norman Lear show from the '70s, Netflix's iteration puts a Cuban-American family at the heart of the show and uses its wildly different family members to tackle pretty much every pressing issue of the times: immigration, coming out, drug use, therapy, PTSD, religion, and so much more. It does all of this without ever becoming preachy and stars a cast that can bring you to tears just as easily as they can make you scream with laughter. Wholesome and pure without being naive or afraid to face hard truths head on,Season 3 is the perfect way to spend your Saturday.

3. Better Things

Better Things might not be for everyone. Experimental in format, there are no clear narrative arcs as there are on other half hour comedies. Better Things prefers the road less structured. Pamela Adlon focuses in on those small forgotten moments in life that string together all those supposedly perfect family memories, and because of that, her series is one of the few on TV that lets women, mothers, daughters, middling-yet-married-to-their-career types breathe. If you love the kinds of shows that somehow manage to say everything without saying anything at all, Better Things is definitely for you.

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