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Our Picks for What to Stream the Weekend of July 7th

So many shows, so little time

Lindsay MacDonald

If you went hard on the parties and the BBQ last weekend for the 4th of July, what better way to spend the weekend of July 7th than curled up with some of the best streaming shows available? Take a break from being a social butterfly and catch up on some of the best shows from the first half of 2017 that you might have missed out on this year, or gobble up some of the new offerings out there.

The Handmaid's Tale, This Is Us and Atlanta Dominate TCA Nominations

​Andy Samberg, Tour de Pharmacy

Andy Samberg, Tour de Pharmacy

1. Tour de Pharmacy

This hilarious HBO mockumentary about doping in the pro bike circuit will have you in fits of laughter, and not just because it's got the amazing Andy Sandberg at the wheel. If you've ever thought, "Wow, cycling sure seems like a ridiculous sport, full of potential for mockery," then this is the film for you. Tour de Pharmacy is available on HBO Now and HBO Go starting July 8 at 10pm.

2.The Standups

If you're in the mood to laugh, we humbly suggest you try out The Standups. A compendium of six half-hour specials from rising comedians, this is an easy binge that is sure to put you in a good mood. The Standups is available for streaming on Netflix.

3.Better Call Saul

How about some shows that rank among the best series of 2017 so far? Let's start with AMC's Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. With Season 3 having come to a close in June, there's no better time to get totally up to date on the first two seasons of Better Call Saul, which are streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is going down as an all-time great moment not just for Saul, but for the Breaking Bad universe as well. Hopefully Season 3 finds its way to Netflix soon.

The Handmaid's Tale: Alexis Bledel Will Be a Series Regular in Season 2

Elisabeth Moss, Max Minghella, The Handmaid's Tale

Elisabeth Moss, Max Minghella, The Handmaid's Tale

George Kraychyk, Hulu

4. The Handmaid's Tale

If you haven't already binged The Handmaid's Tale twice, then we have to ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Go directly to Hulu and watch this stunning series that's on our list of the best of 2017 so far, or else you're going to be super confused when it runs away with all the Emmys this year.

5.Big Little Lies

Another great HBO project, the A+ cast of Big Little Lies is just one of many reasons this made our list of the best shows of 2017 so far. In fact, this raw and real series about mothers and the life or death (seriously) drama of raising youngsters took our top spot. Big Little Lies is available for streaming on HBO Now and HBO Go.

Will Master of None Return for a Third Season?

Dear White People

Dear White People

Adam Rose/Netflix

6. Dear White People

There's no easier way to get woke -- and then quietly live in horror at the unjust society we live in -- than checking out Dear White People, a great show that probably flew under your radar from all the series that came out so far this year. Netflix sure knows how to make a binge-worthy season of television, and this racially relevant series is certainly no exception.

7.Master of None

If you've somehow managed to watch all of the first six options in one weekend, you might not be human, so why not add a seventh to the list? Aziz Ansari's Master of None will make you laugh, cry and then cry laughing. Master of None is available for streaming on Netflix.