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Will Master of None Return for a Third Season?

It's not as cut-and-dried as you might think

Liam Mathews

Netflix hasn't renewed Master of None for a third season, even though it seems like a lock. It's critically adored and drives conversation, and that's almost worth more than high ratings, especially for Netflix, where any given show's numbers matter less than the company's total number of subscribers. And yet, Master of None remains unrenewed as of now. Surprisingly, it sounds like it's not Netflix that's dragging its feet on a renewal; it's Aziz Ansari who isn't sure he wants to do more.

"I think he approaches it the way you do stand-up comedy," Master of None star Lena Waithe tells TVGuide.com. "You can't do a special every year, you gotta go and live life and then circle back. I think for him and [co-creator] Alan [Yang], they want to make sure they've got enough material to do a Season 3. We don't want to come back and not be swinging."

In other words, since the material for Master of None is taken directly from its writers' lives, those writers need life experiences they can't necessarily get from working on Master of None in order to get inspiration.

Aziz Ansari Says Anyone Could Have Their Own Master of None

"Aziz and I are always texting ideas, but we don't know," says Yang. "We only want to do it if it's something we're really excited about. Same thing with Season 2, where we didn't want to do the season unless we had something to say and something that we were really interested in and passionate about. I think the same will hold true with this one, and if this is it then this is it. But you never know."

The gap between the premieres of Seasons 1 and 2 was 18 months, longer than TV shows normally take, and in that time Ansari lived in Italy, which inspired Season 2. It sounds like if there's going to be a Season 3 it's going to take it's time getting here, too. But if and when it comes, it'll be as finely crafted as a hand-rolled tortellini.