This week's television debuts all have one detail in common: MURDER. Fans of all things dark-sided will have plenty of puzzles to pore over as The Terror launches its second season, set in a Japanese internment camp. If supernatural murders aren't really your deal, make sure to check out Why Women Kill, which is the epitome of the Summer of Scam, and Mindhunter Season 2, which delves into a brand new murderer's row, including Charles Manson.

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1. The Terror: Infamy

The first season of The Terror was an unexpected hit when it debuted. And with such a complete ending to the journey of the HMS Terror, fans clamoring for a second season had no idea what would be in store. By cleverly flipping the series into anthology format, AMC brings the full weight and horror of Japanese internment camps during WWII to The Terror: Infamy. Meticulous research of Japanese folklore, a complex and unflinching view of American racism, and a slate of powerful performances from a relatively unknown cast (with the exception of George Takei) make Season 2 of The Terror a must-watch.

2. Why Women Kill

From the creator of Desperate Housewives comes a brand new darkly comedic drama about soapy, sexy women who kill. CBS All Access' Why Women Kill stars a blockbuster cast — Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste — as three women in three different eras who move into the same mansion with their husbands. As you might expect from the title, these marriages are all on the verge of cracking. In the '60s, a housewife (Goodwin) discovers her husband is having an affair; in the '80s, a socialite (Liu) tries to come to terms with her husband's sexuality; and in present day, a lawyer's (Howell-Baptiste) open relationship drives a wedge between the couple. Guaranteed to be deliciously sinful, Why Women Kill is a summer TV star.

3. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a true crime stan's dream. When the first season debuted on Netflix, people were instantly binging the addictive (but slooooow) tale of the FBI team that invented modern profiling as we know it. Between interviewing famous serial killers to classify sociopaths (and psychopaths) and codifying strategies gleaned from those interviews by testing them on ongoing cases in the field, Mindhunter presented a complex portrait of not only the worst of humanity, but of how combating those elements profoundly changes you. Very little is known about Season 2, but the one thing Netflix has been teasing is a brand new murder's row that features Charles Manson.

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