West Wing West Wing

Sorry, Jed Bartlet fans. Reports of a West Wing movie have been greatly exaggerated.

Former cast member Joshua Malina got fans' hopes up over the weekend, when he hinted on Twitter that a film based on the Aaron Sorkin political drama may be in the works.

Malina tweeted a photo of his former co-stars Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney with the caption: "I can't say what supersecret set I'm on, but it rhymes with Bwest Bwing Bmovie." A second photo showed cast member Richard Schiff appearing to throw something at the camera.

Check out of photos from The West Wing

Adding fuel to the fire, Malina tweeted Monday: "On @chrisbrown's life, The West Wing movie is real."

But Schiff had already put the rumors to rest in his own tweet to director Kevin Smith. It seems the cast members were gathered to film a public service announcement, similar to a previous one they did for Funny or Die.

"Just worked with Lily Tomlin again today for #WestWing PSA. She's like your favorite relative at Christmas," Schiff wrote.

There's no word on what the new PSA will address, but the earlier one lampooned the show's "walk and talk" style of shooting and encouraged people to walk in order to prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other illnesses.