Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/FOX Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/FOX

Echoing what Dominic Purcell told us a few weeks ago, Wentworth Miller says that Prison Break's upcoming season crackles in a way not seen since the Fox series' early days. "I can honestly say that the episodes we just shot are among the best so far," he tells TVGuide.com. "It's just as intense and gritty and claustrophobic as the first season, except this time we don't have to lay out all of the backstory, which means we can hit the ground running."

Miller says the new season finds "Michael and Lincoln trying to survive as pawns in a very large and very deadly game of chess" - a face-off that could last longer than anyone suspected back when a show about a prison escape first hit the tube. "As far as this thing continuing on nine or 10 seasons like a Friends or a CSI, I'm not sure we'll go that far," he said during a conference call with reporters. "But I do think we have at least another two or three seasons in us."