Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber, <EM>Battlestar Galactica</EM> Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica

Question: Last week's Battlestar Galactica, "Downloaded," was the most perfect hour of television I have seen all year. If Tricia Helfer, Grace Park and Jim Callis don't get Emmy nods for that piece of perfection, then the whole race is a sham.

Answer: You'll get no argument here, Brian. And after watching an advance screener of the two-part season finale airing March 3 and 10 I'm going to add the incomparable Mary McDonnell to the Emmys' must-list. Oh, speaking of the big climax, it'll probably come as no surprise that it's fan-frakking-tastic. Before it's over, two major characters will get hitched, two closeknit characters will become estranged and another Cylon model will be revealed. But the big twist comes in the final 30 minutes of the second episode. All I'll say is it's a Galactica first and it's something you'll have to read to believe. (BTW, for those who missed "Downloaded," TV Guide is giving away free downloads of the episode to everyone who buys a newsstand copy of the March 6 issue, on sale Thursday. Talk about an offer you shouldn't refuse.)