Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin by John Shearer/ Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin by John Shearer/

According to the Associated Press, over the weekend Steve Martin took his second wife, this one former New Yorker writer Anne Stringfield. And just to prove that he was taking his vows seriously, he spoke them to his betrothed while wearing an Inspector Clouseau moustache.

OK, so the face fuzz was for a Pink Panther sequel, not for the nuptials. It's still gonna make for some pretty goofy wedding pics. Martin's best man was Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. Presiding over the nuptials was former Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey. Nowhere in sight were his ex-wife, L.A. Story leading lady Victoria Tennant, or ex-girlfriend Anne Heche.

In other wedding news, People reports that Usher "changed his mind" about marrying babymama Tameka Foster on Saturday, and called the whole thing off. The reason? Try reasons. A source tells the mag that not only is the R&B sex symbol's mother against his marriage to the older woman (Foster is nine years Usher's senior), but the bride wanted a barbecue and the groom wanted to have celebri-chef Jean Georges plan the menu.

Wonder how long it'll be before he decides he wants his babyback, babyback, babyback... ribs.