Will Ferrell Will Ferrell

We are so in a glass cage of emotion! 

Last night, the world received something even groovier than a free case of Sex Panther when Will Ferrell slipped back into Ron Burgundy's leisure suit for a very special announcement on Conan.

Accompanying himself on the jazz flute, Ferrell's sexist newsie alter ego interrupted Coco's show for a five-minute bit featuring a patently Burgundy assault on the host's appearance ("Just go under the knife...go into your doctor's office, point at your face and say, 'Doc, it's a page-one rewrite'") that was capped by the revelation that he and Paramount Picturse had "come to terms on a sequel to Anchorman." Of course, the crowd went wild, as did the Twitterverse and the internet once TBS posted the clip online. In fact, the film's Wikipedia page was updated faster than you could say "Whore Island." 

For us, this is the best news since Veronica Corningstone was rescued from the bear pen at the San Diego Zoo. After talks stalled last year, we all thought A2 would never happen. But how about you? What do you think of Ferrell's announcement on Conan last night?

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