Casey Weston, Tim Mahoney Casey Weston, Tim Mahoney

Well that was... Huh.

Last night, The Voice, which has been awesome, kicked off its Battle Rounds to start paring down the contestants and, well, all we can think of is Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Singers.

By having two members from each of the coaches' teams perform the same song — at the same time — the sing-off bordered on a scream-off at certain points, with enough vocal aerobics and clashing notes to confuse even the most dogged DVR remote. Which one was wailing? Who was flat? And did they really need to pit a Niki against a Vicci?

Still, the talent itself was impressive enough to get us past the few times it was too cacophonic in the singing ring. And while we give a huge "booooo" to Blake Shelton for picking country cuteness Patrick over clear winner Tyler (you can make your own judgments as to why below), a big "yay" goes to Christina Aguilera for boldly taking a chance on Idol castoff Frenchie after her showdown with Tarralyn.

So yeah, the Battle Rounds are a little weird and a lot loud, but it's something new and maybe we just need time to get used to them. What say you? Should the singers be performing solo or do you like the head-to-head combat? And did the coaches make the right calls?

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