Claire Holt Claire Holt

They always kill the ones we love. So, yeah, Rebekah is probably gonna have to die.

Ever since she showed up on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus' sister has been a breath of undead awesomeness. Funny, feisty, totally fierce when it came to facing Caroline on Senior Prank night, Barbie Klaus kills us with her old world loyalty to what we now know is the Original family and her new-school swagger as Mystic High's newest cheerleader.

So of course she has a target on her back. Think about it: How many other fan faves have been offed over the last two-plus seasons? One look at last week's Illumination Night episode should answer that for ya. Vicki. Anna. Hot Uncle Mason. Grams. Not to mention Jenna and Elijah, although he'll probably rise again. And after last night's confession to Elena about her family's backstory and her heartbreaking reaction to the news that brother dearest was the one who offed their Original Witch mother, Rebekah became even more sympathetic, more likable and thus, more likely not to make it past next week's Homecoming. Which sucks, since she seemed really excited about the dance and we're totally digging Claire Holt.

So do you think Rebekah is the next to die? And who's gonna do it, her big bad dad or Klaus?

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