Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev

Let's make that a few bites.

Man alive (and not so alive), what a killer Vampire Diaries season opener! The pacing, the storytelling, the badass Katherine. It was like three episodes crammed into one breathless hour of neckbiting and heartbreaking twists that, quite honestly, left us thirsty for more.

Where to start? Hmm... love Stefan getting all tough with John in the hospital. And Bonnie giving Damon the what's what about her vendetta against vamps was deee-lish. Even if he did save Caroline in time for her to catch Jersey Shore, boy better watch his back with that witch around. And finally, we're getting somewhere with the Lockwood curse, courtesy of hot Uncle Mason.

But really, this one was all about Nina Dobrev dominating the screen as both Elena and Katherine. Majorly into her as the Amanda Woodward of the undead, and cannot wait to see what the powers-that-be have planned for the Salvatore boys and the folks of Mystic Falls. Especially now that our dejected Damon is back on the bad-boy train.

To quote Katherine's homicidal pillow talk with Caroline, game on.

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