Katerina Graham Katerina Graham

Can we get a woot woot for The Vampire Diaries' Katerina Graham?!

After weeks of soul-killing singles from half of The Real Housewives, a TV type has gotten their song on and given us a cut that belongs on our iPods instead of in our nightmares.

Billing herself as Kat Graham, the drop-dead gorgeous gal better known as Mystic Falls' witchy Bonnie has dropped a rump-thumper called "Sassy" (finally available on iTunes) that we can totally get down to. Of course, Graham isn't a newbie to the music scene — her dad was a record exec and she's recorded with will.i.am — but even with her connections, it's clear this isn't the ill-advised auto-tuned folly of some wannabe looking to plow us down with her star vehicle. It's a hot mix of attitude, Ciara-esque sexiness and a stick-in-your-head rhythm that, best of all, doesn't make us cringe. In fact, Graham's got a groove thang going on here and we can't wait to hear more.

Think the Vampire star's song has bite? Or do you think it sucks?

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