Justin Bieber and David Letterman Justin Bieber and David Letterman

Hashtag this! Last night, pop nugget Justin Bieber proved that even with gazillions of dollars and a handful of Grammy nods, he's just like any other teen. He says "like" a lot, thinks a Member's Only jacket is "dressing up," and apparently can't quit with the Twitter. Appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman and being all "Non-Threatening Boy Magazine" material, the Canadian crooner folks either OMG! over or just don't get, took time out from plugging his upcoming 3-D concert movie Never Say Never to school Dave — who'd already made several Twitter gags about Egypt's web shutdown — on the finer points of social networking. Halfway through their chat, the Biebs whipped out his phone and tweeted to his seven million followers that he was doing the show, presumably because the Internet may actually, like die, without the constant buzzing of the Beliebers.

"I'm hanging out with my Dave at @late_show we need to get him twice as many followers! #justdoit"

Now, unlike other teens (who seriously need to be slapped with the Fail Whale's tail for pulling this stuff while in mid-conversation), Justin's move was, like, totally cute. Maybe it's because he used the tweet to score Letterman more followers, maybe it's because he's a mini-man who still seems dazzled by his massive popularity. Heck, maybe it's because he'd already won us over by gamely serving an audience member a platter of Belgian waffles. Whatever the case, the kid was charming enough for us to pardon the twitteruption.

What say you? Are you sick of celebs on Twitter, or would like, totally die if someone like @justinbieber tweeted you? Let us know below, or hit me up at @DamianLovesTV.

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