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Move over, Baby Vamp, there's a new hot link in town!

For those of you who got sucked in to last night's True Blood, you know what we're talking about. It's and lordy, is it a creepy creation. Referenced early on in the episode as the website responsible for catching filmed proof of a rogue vampire's feeding frenzy (a misdeed punishable by the true death, which Mayor Bill readily dispensed on the busted fanger), the Cheaters-meets-feeders clip caught our eye as something that had to be something set up for the show's devoted online fandom.

One quick search later, and lo and behold, there it was — an HBO-produced hub of "amateur" vamp-attack videos, first-hand survivor photos and a message of fear befitting the Fellowship of the Sun link found at the bottom of the homepage. "Wake up people before we are all DEAD. Vampires are EVIL KILLERS who feed off of humans and they are EATING US ALIVE. This site is dedicated to proving that bloodsuckers ARE AMONG US and that we must stop at nothing to rid America of these scavengers."

We're pretty sure the site won't be accomplishing its goal of getting Eric and company kicked out of society, but it's definitely more fun than watching a shackled Jason Stackhouse get were-raped by that methed-out panther freak, Crystal, right?

Did you check out the url when they blasted it on the screen last night? Or were you too caught up in the craziness of Bon Temps on your TV screen?

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