Brit Morgan Brit Morgan

Let's get ready to rumble!

How fitting that, on the same weekend that UFC champ Anderson Silva stole, err... took the win from competitor Chael Sonnen in the octagon, True Blood's  ladies of Bon Temps served up a throwdown so hard, they made that mixed martial-arts action look like tickle fight. Lord alive, they made a mess.

Of course, we knew Debbie Pelt was a beast — literally and figuratively — but girl was on fire last night as she smacked, slammed and smashed our Sookie around in the sort of chick fight we haven't seen since Syndey Bristow and Evil Francie faced off in the second-season finale of Alias. Not that La Stackhouse didn't get in her fair (fairy?) share of haymakers. In fact, every vampire's favorite flavor managed to actually gain the upperhand from Little Debbie, thanks to a handy pair of silver scissors and a shotgun. Too bad she didn't go and blow that rabid were-beyotch's head straight off her shoulders.

Instead, Sook let the pile of crazycakes fly out of her bedroom window, meaning that this is only the first round of what will hopefully be a battle to the death of Alcide's evil ex.

Or do you want Debbie to stick around? 'Cause we're betting she only gets worse around the full moon.

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