Top Chef, Alex Top Chef, Alex

Ready, set... burn!

The battlefield was bloodier than the rarest of rib-eyes last night on Top Chef: DC, as the foodies left standing engaged in a Restaurant Wars that will go down in infamy.

Usually the tastiest part of every season (aside from anything involving Gail Simmons), the Beltway edition's eat-off was extra spicy this time, thanks to the losing team — Kevin, Kenny, Amanda and Kelly — getting totally bitter over bossy Alex's sorry service.  Never mind that the not-so-great dictator wasn't even on their team or anything. Once the judges started grilling the defeated crew, the knives came out and they all started spilling the truth about Alex's lack of contribution to his own team's effort and his abusive ways with the wait staff. What followed was a Stew Room screamfest that left most of the cheftestants boiling mad — and many of us hoping that the judges would call out the bald dude who was already in hot water with everyone for stealing Ed's idea for a pea puree two weeks ago.

Sadly, not all is fair in the beloved Restaurant Wars, and the seasoned Kenny was sent home instead. Granted, he did almost choke guest judge and food critic Frank Bruni with a "goat cheese monstrosity," but at least he cooked! This Alex dude just leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

Should Kenny have been spared? What's your take on Alex?

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