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If it really 'twas beauty that tamed the beast, then our Teen Wolf is in good hands with Crystal Reed. Last night, her bad-ass good girl Allison once again reminded us why Tyler Posey's Scott — and millions of MTV fans — are in heat over the show's central Romeo-Juliet sitch. So we here at the Watercooler thought it was a howl of a good time to talk to Reed about her hit show... and who might not make it through the next full moon. 

TV Guide Magazine: OK, this is so not your father's Teen Wolf, huh?
Crystal Reed: I think it surprised a lot of people [who] were expecting the original goofy kind of fun Teen Wolf. This is pretty dark and scary.

TV Guide Magazine: Her boyfriend's a werewolf. Her dad is a werewolf hunter. This can't end well for Allison, right?
Reed: Well, she doesn't even find out until about three-quarters through the season that her family's werewolf hunters, and even later what Tyler is. When she finds out, her whole world crumbles.

TV Guide Magazine: Did the producers or writers warn you guys that not everyone would survive the season?
Reed: No, they did not! [Laughs] And we have one character who ends up dying and that person didn't find out until they read that script!

TV Guide Magazine: We hear you also pop up in next month's Crazy Stupid Love?
Reed: It's a small part in the movie, but I got to work with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell, which was a dream come true for me because they are both so fantastic. Off camera, Steve Carell is so sweet and timid and quiet, but when they call action, he's a completely different [person].

TV Guide Magazine: And you're also going to guest on Drop Dead Diva this season?
Reed: Oh yeah! I play a college student who forces her friend's boyfriend to confess to rape. So I get to dress up in a sexy little outfit and lure this guy to a motel and tie him up. It's very unlike Alison! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Can you give us a tease for the rest of Wolf's season?
Reed: Towards the end of the season, I have a lot of work with weapons... not to give anything away but there is some big action stuff coming up. The whole season builds up to something and it all ends in the finale. For one person in particular, it ends with a possible bite.

OK, are you loving Teen Wolf as much as we are? And who do you think will be the possible bite victim Crystal is talking about?

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