Suburgatory Suburgatory

Kind of enjoyed this one. A lot.

We're not sure if it Suburgatory's opening shot of the Talbots-bedecked mom rapping at a red light, the high school glee-club joke (complete with dork in a wheelchair and cheerleader uniforms) or the not-too-snarky wit of Jane Levy's upended teen, but this comedy about the Altmans, a dad-daughter duo who move from Manhattan to the 'burbs is more fun than a frapp-filled day at the mall with a cosmetically enhanced mom.

Kicking off last night as part of ABC's already winning Wednesdays (oh, and welcome back, Happy Endings!), the sitcom is sort of the anti-The Middle: They both share the voice-over idea, but where the Hecks are often affectionate and mildly earnest, the Altmans are acerbic and at times wildly apathetic — without being off-putting, which is key. Toss in a Red Bull-fueled barrage of sight gags and spot-on exaggerations of suburban life, and we have every reason be hopeful for this new kid on the comedy block. Plus, can we get an "amen" that Jeremy Sisto has finally found a cool-dad role worthy of Clueless' Elton?

What about you? Is Suburgatory on your Must-Watch list?

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