Claire Holt and Ian Somerhalder Claire Holt and Ian Somerhalder

Usually shows with this many pretty people aren't that smart. Not naming names, but let's face it, when was the last time you watched a teen drama and blurted out 'Oh that's brilliant'?

But that is exactly what we were uttering last night when The Vampire Diaries revealed the latest "oh s--t" twist designed to keep the entire Original family from being killed off: Turns out, if you stake one, then every person they've turned goes up in smoke, too. So inspired, so concerning. Because that means half the town in trouble, given how many of them share a bloodline with Klaus or a member of his kin, and that we could very well lose some key players by the season finale.

After all, this is a show that does not shy away from disposing of characters at the drop of a jaw...and then usually comes up with some unexpected way to either revive them or reward us. It's this tango of smart and sinister that never fails to leave us in a frenzy at the end of every episode! (Again, when was the last time a teen drama had you screaming "Nooooo!" at the end credits?)

So, to you equally crafty TVD fans, we pose this question: Of the Mystic Falls population, who do you think is most at risk of biting it by the end of the season? Or who would you like to see get the big send off? And don't try lying, we've picked up a few tips from Sage on reading minds, mmmkay?

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